Blackbeard's Bullmastiffs

  Welcome to Blackbeards where we specialize in high quality Bullmastiffs. Blackbeards is located in Cypress Tx. If you are looking for a fearless, confident, yet docile breed to be apart of your family then you found the right place. Our family has been raising Bullmastiffs since 2011. Here at Blackbeards we are breeding family companions with show stopping looks and structure along with great temperament.

  Our Bullmastiffs have been apart of our family from day one and we wouldn't have it any other way.  While we have done our research in the past having 3 children it was important to find the best companion for our family. Our bullmastiffs are fearless, protective, yet very affectionate towards our children, not to mention thier playmates and alot of the time a soft cushion to lay on while they watch tv. Our Bullmastiffs are our gentle giants as well as being very loyal to our family. They have shown us reliability, intelligence, and wellingness to please, every quality required for a dependable family companion as well as a protector.

  The nanny dog name was originally given to the staffordshire terrier, but around here Hera is our nanny dog. When we are ouside with our kids she is always close by keeping an eye on things. If one of the kids try going out the gate she will bark facing the gate letting us know something is wrong and until it is resolved. Between Hook and Hera they always do something to remind us just how intelligent and observant this breed really is. We would like for you to have the same enjoyment and satisfaction with this fantastic breed of dog. Introduce one into your family and have no regrets and plenty of memories to come sailing the seven seas, traveling the country, or just around your homestead

  Please enjoy looking through our web page, look at our past treasures and also keep a look out for future treasures, and your diamond might be in there somewhere. You may contact us with any question in regards. Thank you and God Bless !!


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